We’ve got a mixtape section on our Spotify account. These mixtape-playlists are exclusively chosen by QSR recording artists and will appear on a monthly basis … Enjoy:

QSR-Mixtape 10/15 – „Autumn’s Doom“ (by ‚Simon Schorneck‘ CRIMSON SWAN)
QSR-Mixtape 09/15 by Jesper Skovsted (AJUNA)
QSR-Mixtape 08/15 – „Devil in Disguise“
QSR-Mixtape 07/15 – „Cousins Of The Antichrist“
QSR-Mixtape 06/15 – „Is this the real life, is this just fantasy…“ (by ANDSOLIS‘ ‚Oliver Kilthau‘)
QSR-Mixtape 05/15 – „Of Hate, Brutality And Demise“ (by Stephan K. of ARS IRAE)
QSR-Mixtape 04/15 – „And there was war in heaven…“ (by ANDSOLIS‘ ‚Marco Tecza‘)
QSR-Mixtape 03/15 by Divine:Zero
QSR-Mixtape 02/15 – „Brave Murder Beyond The Obscene“ (by ANDSOLIS‘ ‚Manuel Siewert‘)
QSR-Mixtape 01/15 – „Revenge Of The Neglected Classics“ (by ‚Dr FAUSTUS‘ of Eternal S.A.W.)
QSR-Mixtape 12/14 – „Drill Of Viscera“ (by ‚Eingeweide‘ of KARNE)
QSR-Mixtape 11/14 – „Northern Paranoia“ (by ‚Anders Hufsa Andersen‘ of AJUNA)